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£1000 MoM Contest: Latest Standings

IAN DIACK picked up his first man-of-the match award since leaving Pollok for Linlithgow as he hit the winner at Musselburgh.

But the big striker has a long way to go to catch leaders Darren Gribben and Sean Jamieson who have six awards apiece.

The East winners from March 8 were: David Hay (Bonnyrigg), Ian Diack (Linlithgow), Ross Philp (Kelty), Robert Sloan (Bo’ness) and Barry Sibanda (St Andrews).

And in the West the awards went to Dylan McLaughlin of Largs and Stephen McGladrigan of Petershill so there is no change at the top with David Gormley of Auchinleck out in front on six. have teamed up with Ladbrokes to bring an exciting contest to find the player of the season in the East and West Superleagues.

This will be determined by who wins the most man-of-the match votes in league games only.

Our reporters will pick their star man for every game and we’ll keep a tally of the votes all season.

Both winners will receive £500 cash or £500 of betting vouchers from Ladbrokes at the end of the season. Both players will also receive a trophy to keep.

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East Superleague

6 - Darren Gribben (Bo’ness), Sean Jamieson (Newtongrange).

4 - Richard Barnard (Camelon), Callum Adamson (Hill of Beath),  Alan Fleming (Kelty).

3 -  Stuart Roseburgh (Bonnyrigg), Greg Kirk (Lochee), Fraser Keast (Broxburn), Stewart Cairns (Broxburn), Michael McIlravey (Carnoustie), Nicky Walker (Bo’ness), Graeme King (Sauchie), Brian Ritchie (Kelty).

2 - Andy Shirra (Linlithgow), John Ovenstone (Linlithgow), Richie McKillen (Linlithgow), Adam Nelson, (Linlithgow), Darren Gillon (Newtongrange), Brian Martin (Musselburgh), Kevin Milne (Carnoustie), Stewart Cairns (Broxburn), Mark Cowan (Broxburn), Lyall Shaw (Hill of Beath), Craig Smart (Hill of Beath), Robbie Feeney (Armadale), Ross Archibald (Bonnyrigg), Liam McKenna (Bonnyrigg), Kevin McDonald (Bonnyrigg), Blair Batchelor (Camelon), Conrad Courts (Ballingry),  John Sinclair (Ballingry), Charlie Cargill (Lochee), Barry Sibanda (St Andrews), Robert Sloan (Bo’ness).

1 - Chris Donnelly (Bo’ness), Paul Murphy (Bo’ness), Kevin Kelbie (Camelon), Colin Leiper (Camelon), Stuart Cringean (Camelon), Derek Ure (Camelon), Colin Allison (Camelon), Rori Bews (Carnoustie), Marc Scott (Carnoustie), Oliver Russell (Musselburgh), Paul Harvey (Musselburgh), Ally Adams (Musselburgh), Brian Murray (Musselburgh), Jackie Myles (Musselburgh), Steven Thomson (Musselburgh), Matti King (Musselburgh), Gary Hamilton (Musselburgh), Lewis Turner (Newtongrange), Craig O’Reilly (Newtongrange), Steven Noble (Newtongrange), Paul Tansey (Newtongrange),  Kieron Renton (Newtongrange), Jordan Cropley (Newtongrange), David Dunn (Newtongrange), Chris King (Newtongrange), Mike Deland (Newtongrange), Scott Swaney (Newtongrange); Brian Morgan (Sauchie), Bryn Halliwell (Sauchie), Darren Cummings (Sauchie), David Winters (Sauchie), Stephen Kiczinsky (Sauchie), Gary Bonnes (Sauchie), Zander Miller (Bo’ness), Brian Clark (Lochee), Scott Gates (Lochee), Paul Blackwood (Lochee), Billy Gibson (Linlithgow), Tommy Coyne (Linlithgow), Roddy MacLennan (Linlithgow), Calum Smith (Linlithgow), Andy Shirra (Linlithgow), Ian Diack (Linlithgow), Richard Cargill (St Andrews), Ryan McInnes (St Andrews), Kevin McMullen(St Andrews), Robert Manson (Broxburn), Alan Mooney (Broxburn), Nicky Locke, (Broxburn), Scott Pitman (Broxburn), Scott Mauchline (Armadale), Calum Rarity (Armadale); Darren Dalrymple (Armadale), Gary Brown, (Armadale), Callum Adamson (Hill of Beath), Paul Currie (Bonnyrigg), Michael Gemmell (Bonnyrigg),  Alan Horne (Bonnyrigg), Shaun Woodburn (Bonnyrigg), David Hay (Bonnyrigg), Kevin Brown (Kelty), Roger Duffin (Kelty), Tom Courts (Kelty), Neily McCabe (Kelty), Paul Shields (Kelty),  Ross Philp (Kelty), Ryan McInnes (St Andrews), Ryan Blackadder (Ballingry), Murray Carstairs (Ballingry), Stephen McPhee (Tayport), Matt Adam (Tayport), Grant Lawson, (Tayport), Ricky Dair (Hill of Beath).

West Superleague

6 - David Gormley (Auchinleck).

4 - Adam Strachan (Clydebank), Gary McCann (Irvine Meadow), Willie Sawyers (Rob Roy).

3 - Chris Mackie (Petershill),  Jamie McKernon (Glenafton), Robert Love (Cumnock), Gary Smith (Arthurlie), Stewart Kean (Hurlford), Chris Craig (Kilbirnie), John Paul Boyle (Kilbirnie).

2 - Ciaran McElroy (Clydebank), Paul Bell (Clydebank), Ross McPherson (Clydebank), James Marks (Largs), Alan Urquhart (Rob Roy), Stevie Masterton (Hurlford), Mark Thomson (Irvine Meadow), Michael Moore (Kilbirnie), Keir Milliken (Auchinleck), Richie Barr (Pollok), Stephen McGladrigan (Petershill).

1 - Callum Watt (Hurlford), Ally Brown (Hurlford), Josh Mullin (Kilbirnie), Chris Craig (Kilbirnie), Michael Moore (Kilbirnie),  Chris Hamilton (Kilbirnie), Marc Twaddle (Irvine Meadow), Kevin Finlayson (Irvine Meadow), Ryan Caddis (Irvine Meadow), Shaun Fraser (Irvine Meadow), Vinnie Berry (Clydebank), Joe Andrew (Clydebank), Kyle Faulds (Auchinleck), Graham Wilson (Auchinleck). Bryan Young (Auchinleck), Andy Leishman (Auchinleck), Kieran McAleenan (Pollok), Cammy Marlow  (Glenafton), Alain Kinney (Glenafton), Michael White (Petershill), Ross McCabe (Petershill), Richie Burke (Petershill), Ally Martin (Rob Roy), Kris Mitchell (Rob Roy), Stephen Maguire (Cumnock), Richard Hanvey (Cumnock), Chris Robertson (Cumnock), Ryan Jordan (Arthurlie), Ryan McArdle (Arthurlie), Stevie Dymock (Arthurlie), Euan Lindsay (Largs), Kevin Struthers (Largs), Dylan McLaughlin (Largs).

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3 Responses to £1000 MoM Contest: Latest Standings

  1. Stephen Shirres Reply

    March 17, 2014 at 9:57 pm

    You guys have listed Andy Shirra in both your 2 awards and 1 awards list. Thought you’d like to know

    • Paul Jain Reply

      March 21, 2014 at 10:02 pm

      Stephen, should be 2 thanks.

      • Linda Reply

        May 27, 2014 at 10:23 pm

        With lots of games having taken place recently, just wondered when the Man of the Match standings would be updated ?